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When you purchase a classic car you take pride in knowing you have a one of a kind vehicle. People who vintage and classic cars work hard on car restoration and handle their classic beauty with extreme care to preserve their investment. When you need to ship your classic or vintage car you need a shipper who will handle the car with the same delicacy that you would yourself. Classic Car Shipping strives to be the best in the car shipping business when it comes to the way we handle classic cars. When you place your car in our hands for transport you can rest assured knowing it will be taken care just as you would. We’re fully insured and experienced with transporting vintage and classic automobiles throughout the United States.

We work with individual owners and automobile auction houses around the country transporting classic, vintage and muscle cars from one state to another. Our customers depend on us when they need to have a car moved. When moving a classic we recommend using an enclosed carrier in order to best protect your investment. Enclosed containers are safe for travel, prevent weather and debris from the road hitting the car when being transported and help maintain the overall value of your car. When you need a classic car shipper who has the experience to move your car with ease and ensure protection at all times you can depend on us. If you have owned the car for years and need to move to a new state, or if you’re just purchased the car and need to transport it to your location we can guarantee safe transportation when you need your car shipped.

Moving overseas? We can help with that as well. We can assist with pick-up and delivery within the United States as well as delivery when your class car arrives at the entry port in the country you have moved to. As with transport in the United States we work hard to ensure your vintage or classic automobile will arrive safely from the U.S. to your new home over the ocean.

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